“Perioperative medicine is an opportunity; it’s multidisciplinary and its developing around a culture of trust between anaesthetists, surgeons and perioperative physicians”

The future of perioperative medicine embraces the full scope of medical advancement and is therefore difficult to predict, as a result truly informed shared decision making is both crucial and more complex. Variability of practice is a key factor; usually caused by the overuse or underuse of a facility and its resources. The former being a particular problem in America with the financial incentives associated with some forms of treatment and care.

Learn how a pilot study regarding orthopedics lead ultimately to variability becoming a widely recognised crucial area of improvement in medicine. More on this can be found on The British Orthopaedic Association’s website here: https://www.boa.ac.uk/standards-guidance/getting-it-right-first-time.html

This talk empowers you with the detail regarding an area that now looks set to become a huge opportunity for perioperative practitioners world wide. Sharing processes, standardising care and allowing our focus to go where the evidence leads. How can we help as implementation teams are assembled both in the UK and elsewhere?

When it comes to patients; “we play a very small part in their life … but that part can be massive if we get it wrong – so we have to get it right!”

The Getting It Right First Time website (GIRFT) is here: https://gettingitrightfirsttime.co.uk/

Presented by Chris Snowden, Consultant Anaesthetist, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne and Senior lecturer at the Institute of Cellular Medicine at Newcastle University.

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