What is TopMedTalk

TopMedTalk is the latest dissemination innovation of medical news. Bringing you live updates from conferences around the globe; discussions around recent literature in our Journal Club; Techno-Talk, our commercial showcase, an excellent way of exploring new products in medical technology; and regular podcasts where we speak to some of the top professionals in their field

Our Focus

Currently our focus surrounds topics within:

  • Anaesthesia
  • Perioperative medicine
  • Enhanced recovery
  • Pain Management
  • Fluid Management
  • Haemodynamic Management

Our Aim

We aim to broaden our reach to cover all aspects of cutting edge medicine and to improve our audience interaction and learning opportunities. TopMedTalk will develop into a platform that is an easy accessible source for medical information.

Our Reach

Within our 1st year of launch TopMedTalk has had:

  • In 100+ Countries
  • With >350 podcasts available

A targeted audience of people interested in health care and improving outcomes

What Our Listeners are Saying

Our Partners

Working with amazing organisations in the medical world