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Meet us in London for The Royal College of Anaesthetists meeting!

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Live from The Royal College of Anaesthetists Meeting in London

How has the Royal College of Anaethestists (RCoA) evolved over the years and why is perioperative medicine so crucial to its agenda? How has this ...
Adverse outcomes, we all know they happen but how do we handle them, record them and avoid them in the first place? The discussion then ...
Recorded live at The British Museum in London this piece contains a lot of discussion about the NHS; how does it rank in terms of ...
TopMedTalk is covering the flagship meeting of the Royal College of Anaesthetists from the British Museum, London. In this piece, discussion is had about the ...

The results from the RELIEF trial are here!

Listen in to Prof Monty Mythen talking to Prof Paul Myles live from Sydney Australia about the very anticipated results of the 5 year RELIEF trial.


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