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Xtreme Everest
14th June 2018 Streaming Live from Duke University, NC USA. TopMedTalk broadcasts this exciting symposium. Xtreme Everest is a dedicated team of intensive care doctors, nurses and scientists. They conduct experiments on themselves and other volunteers at high altitude in order to develop novel therapies to improve the survival rates of their patients.
15th/16th June 2018 POQI 5: Fluid Physiology series
Duke Anaesthesiology
18th/19th June 2018 19th Annual Duke Anaesthesiology Conference. Brought to you by TopMedTalk from Orlando, USA.

Catch up from The Royal College of Anaesthetists Meeting in London

The pressures of being an anaesthetist are difficult to discuss for some, this conversation might be the start of that for you or a colleague. ...
How do we develop an agreed curriculum that speaks to what perioperative medicine should be? Once that’s in place, how should it be overseen? What ...
How do you become well known in the NHS for being innovative, particularly in the perioperative area regarding evaluation and communication of risk? How can ...
The debate ‘Direct laryngoscopes should be consigned to history‘, hosted by The Royal College Of Anaesthetists at their annual general meeting, was carried out by ...
The RELIEF (Restrictive versus liberal fluid therapy in major abdominal surgery) trial has been a huge story for us here at TopMedTalk, recorded on the ...
How does The Royal College of Anaesthetists’ move forward from here? A stunning conference with internationally renowned speakers from all around the world, the perioperative ...
The Royal College of Anaesthetists’ Lifelong Learning platform will replace the e-Portfolio and include a logbook functionality. It’s expected to go live in August 2018. ...
NAP (National Audit Project) 6 is the largest ever prospective study of anaphylaxis related to anaesthesia and surgery. Find out the details behind this intriguing ...
Can artificial intelligence drive new changes in care and the value of big data? We’re already comfortable with using tools that help us to do ...
How do we best negotiate working in a multidisciplinary team? Generalisations regarding surgeons and anaesthetists only ever work generally, the specifics of each practitioner and ...

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