This piece explains how the “Getting It Right First Time” (GIRFT) project got off the ground. How does it help improve quality of care within the NHS reduce unwarranted variations, bring efficiencies and improve patient outcomes? This piece gives you the detail.

Led by frontline clinicians, who are experts in the areas they review, hear how the project helps to manage services on a daily basis; sharing best practice between trusts, GIRFT identifies changes that help improve and change an institution’s procedures and cost savings.

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Presented by Anna Batchellor, trained in anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine (ICM) she works in Newcastle upon Tyne; past President of the Intensive Care Society, past Dean of the Faculty of ICM, past member of Council of the Royal College of Anaesthetists. One of the first formal trainees in ICM in the UK she co-authored the curriculum for training in ICM for the Certificate of Completion of Training. She developed the Advanced Critical Care Practitioner Programme to help us fill the enormous hole appearing in critical care staffing. She tried to retire in June 2016 and managed to spend a year working part time before being hijacked by the Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) programme.