“If I were to develop a simple uncomplicated urinary tract infection, I may well be able to continue to go to work as I was being treated for that illness but if an older frail patient develops a similar uncomplicated urinary tract infection, that can be a very significant illness, that patient may well be unable to walk or transfer as they could”

Frailty in the perioperative period – what is it, what is it not and how do we work with and manage it before, during and after an operation so as to increase the value of care to our patients?

The opening article refered to in this piece is here: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/1756287220916614

The British Geriatrics Society “Fit for Frailty” document is here: https://www.bgs.org.uk/resources/resource-series/fit-for-frailty

More information on Perioperative medicine for older people undergoing surgery (POPS), an award winning geriatrician led service and the first of its kind in the UK, go here: https://www.guysandstthomas.nhs.uk/our-services/ageing-and-health/specialties/pops/overview.aspx

Presented by Jude Partridge, consultant geriatrician POPS, honorary senior lecturer, King’s College London, Chairs the British Geriatrics Society POPS SIG.