All treatments have unintended consequences, “locking down” most of The Western World is certainly no exception. In the medical world we’re faced with a familiar set of problems which has been intensified thanks to the sidelining and postponement of treatment for people who do not have the corona virus. It’s a complicated debate, with many strands, here we focus upon how prehabilitation, specifically regarding anemia, is actually now more important than it ever has been. There is an opportunity for perioperative practitioners, specifically you, the TopMedTalk listener, to advocate these ideas now as loudly as possible in order to secure long term benefits for the healthcare profession and population health a whole.

Learn how iron infusions are helping countless people to prepare for a better outcome after their delayed surgery, are there innovations you can take at your practice which will similarly be an obvious help to your patients? Furthermore, hear how online networking is being used to assess patients, could you more widely use these technologies at your practice?

The paper being discussed in parts of this piece is here:

Presented by Desiree Chappell with Monty Mythen and their guest, Professor Bobbi Jean Sweitzer, The Associate Chair for Clinical Perioperative Practice, Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois.

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