“The concept of ‘disruptive innovation’ in healthcare and that’s what this has been; a major challenge to healthcare has forced us to do something very differently, very quickly.”

This piece starts with a quick update on the current situation from Monty and Desiree regarding where they are, London and Louisville Kentucky, in both the US and UK respectively.

We then move to the fascinating and inevitably – rapidly expanding – area of ‘tele-medicine’. Hear how our guest has helped to pioneer this and managed to increase value, achieving things which were simply not possible ‘the old fashioned way’.

The global COVID crisis brings this subject into sharp relief however; “this isn’t just about, what’s happening now. How do we use these technologies better going forward?”: How can you include relatives in difficult ICU bedside conversations without these technologies? How can you use this technology in your practice? Finally, how can the new parameters of this domain be defined?

Presented by Desiree Chappell with Monty Mythen and their guest Carol Peden, Professor of Anesthesiology and Exec. Director of the Center for Health System Innovation, University of Southern California.

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