This piece looks at our recent archive and pieces together the story of our Editor in Chief, Monty Mythen’s bout of COVID 19. From the start TopMedTalk was keen to reflect the global battle against this terrible virus and – as you will hear – concerns for our friends and contributors in the medical world was never far from our minds.

In retrospect it is particularly interesting listening to how evidence and best practice were in this instance vital to the health of our team and the people they care about.

Presented by Nick Margerrison, this is part one of a two part series.

The clips used in this piece are taken from fuller conversations which you can hear here:

COVID 19 | Desiree and Monty:

COVID 19 | Hugh Montgomery – North London UK:

COVID 19 | From the front line; Desiree and Monty:

COVID 19 | UK, Southampton and London: Mike Grocott and Monty:

COVID 19 | Does one of our team have COVID 19?

COVID 19 | Critical Care Update; optimizing care for patient and provider:

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