Can artificial intelligence drive new changes in care and the value of big data? We’re already comfortable with using tools that help us to do our job better, what are the opportunities and pitfalls related to this new technology?

Are we ready yet for big data? The changes it may cause are staggering but equally; nuance is the friend of truth, do we have enough ‘data literacy’ to handle it all? Also – can the way you pronounce ‘scone’ give you an idea of your life expectancy?

How do we balance privacy concerns with the need for data to be accessible? Can such information be truly anonymised? Discussion moves here to ‘Google flu tracker’ and its, initially quite good, results.

Finally how do doctors adapt to the new world where they are being told in front of their patients what the right course of action is? Will patients retain trust in the Doctor’s decisions?

Taken from day two of our coverage of the Royal College of Anaesthetists’ annual conference at The British Museum in London.

Presented by Desiree Chappell, Monty Mythen and Joff Lacey, with their guest Professor Iain Moppett, Professor of Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine, University of Nottingham.