“We are getting super excited about EBPOM Live from London at the end of June…” – thousands of you already have your tickets, this podcast is your essential primer; a fascinating rundown of what attendees to the virtual conference “EBPOM Live From London!” can expect.

As a listener to TopMedTalk you are part of a movement which aims to help save lives every year around the world. The practice of evidence based perioperative medicine guarantees healthcare as a whole, and surgery in particular, is done to the best of our medical understanding and ability. By doing our best at every point of contact between healthcare patient and provider we know we get better value and more positive outcomes. Thanks to your help this message is about to go truly global!

TopMedTalk is the broadcasting arm of Evidence Based Perioperative Medicine, EBPOM, who for many years have organised world class international conferences aimed at sharing the strategies and results perioperative practitioners have used to both save money and improve lives in healthcare globally.

The crisis of COVID 19 has been difficult for many and one of the casualties, for the forseeable future, has to be large social gatherings. However, curiously we had already been working on an alternative; EBPOM Live from London, the virtual conference. This event in fact represents a culmination of years of planning; initially inspired by the environmental concerns of many of its founders and described back then as ‘carbon friendly conferencing’. The same idea was in part the inspiration behind TopMedTalk and now studios – purpose built to help ease our environmental impact – are being deployed to maintain our global community in a world where international travel makes less practical sense.

We’re two weeks away from a truly historic moment in the development of a global vision; a perioperative medicine conference which you can attend without having to leave your home! The technology is here, the interest in the subject is out there and you are reading this now. Help us to bring more people to the cause, like, subscribe to and share TopMedTalk; free medical information for all, while looking forward to hearing some of the pieces which the conference attendees will be enjoying, later in the year. Or, join the conference and prepare yourself for a learning experience that could immediately change the way you save people’s lives forever.

Check out ebpom.org for low ticket prices.

“It’s been fantastic seeing the network of people involved in perioperative medicine growing around the world”, says our guest Ross Kerridge, often cited as ‘the Father of perioperative medicine’, a Senior Staff Specialist Anaesthetist Clinician at the John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle, Australia and Associate Professor at the University of Newcastle. Join in the conversation as he, Desiree Chappell, Monty Mythen and Mike Grocott consider the future of one of the world’s most important medical conferences.

Finally, make sure you listen in for exclusive details on the Chicago meeting!