After a quick chat about the immediate aftermath of the incredibly successful EBPOM LIVE from London and its accompanying online Perioperative Care Festival, The POCAPALOOZA , this piece is a conversation with friends of ours at Medtronic. Now is an interesting and resource scarce time for everyone in medicine; Medtronic made huge waves here with their support of the Ventilator Training App, today we ask them about where it’s at and how things are changing in the world of medical technology.

How does product development actually work these days? How important have standards of proof become? Should we celebrate the fact hardware appears to be being pushed toward a similar evidence standard needed to take a new drug to market? How are research and development administered? How can we make a clinical and economic argument that makes sense to everyone?

Also, how has the Covid Crisis galvanized the medical industry and shown them that things can be achieved at speed in our profession?

The Ventilator Training App episode we reference is here:

Presented by Desiree Chappell and Monty Mythen with their guests, Vafa Jamali, Senior Vice President and President of Respiratory, Gastrointestinal & Informatics (RGI) within Medtronic’s Minimally Invasive Therapies Group (MITG) and Jennifer Doyle, Global Vice President, Medical Affairs – Respiratory, Gastrointestinal & Informatics and MITG at Medtronic.