Our Holiday Special, part 1 of 3, is a sampling of our favorite conversations and lectures from 2019. It is a chance for new listeners to the hear the outstanding content that has made TopMedTalk the success it is after 2 amazing years. And for our regular listeners, a check in to make sure they’ve not missed some of the crucial pieces of the last year.

🙏🙏 All of us at TopMedTalk want to send a BIG thank you to ALL of our amazing fans and listeners. The support these past 2 years is inspiring and much appreciated. We want to thank our guests and lecturers from this past year as well. Your contribution to the show is what makes TopMedTalk so special. And a final THANK YOU to our Sponsors. Your generous support keeps TopMedTalk free open access to the world! Happy Holidays and Cheers to the New Year!! 🥂🥂🎉

In the order discussed on the podcast here are the pieces mentioned:

President Bill Clinton features on TopMedTalk here: https://www.topmedtalk.com/sunday-special-bill-clinton-at-the-world-patient-safety-science-technology-summit/

Joe Kiani from the Patient Safety Movement Foundation link: https://www.topmedtalk.com/topmedtalks-to-joe-kiani/

Angela Bader is here: https://www.topmedtalk.com/perioperative-medicine-summit-2019-1-03-angela-bader/

Periperative Cognition workshop: https://www.topmedtalk.com/sunday-special-the-perioperative-cognition-workshop-part-4-2/

Our discussion regarding muscle quality is here: https://www.topmedtalk.com/desirees-roundtable-the-malnourished-surgery-patient/

Our discussion with Rick Dutton is here: https://www.topmedtalk.com/topmedtalks-to-rick-dutton-2/

The TRIPOM series is here: https://www.topmedtalk.com/?s=tripom

Liz Pratt’s interview is here: https://www.topmedtalk.com/desirees-roundtable-changing-the-culture-around-surgical-recovery/

Jamie Harris is here: https://www.topmedtalk.com/desirees-roundtable-aser-2019-jamie-harris-and-carol-schmidt/

Presented by Desiree Chappell with Monty Mythen alongside a collection of highlights from the last twelve months of TopMedTalk.