“We, who physically will be elsewhere in the world, for example, in London and in Southampton, are going to – within what we’re allowed to do – get together in a bubble probably at work, and set aside the time to watch the meeting together, and to share some food and maybe share some diet coke and talk about what we’ve been looking at what we’ve been learning. So that’s the start of the hybrid events – and we hope that by the time we get to the World Congress of Perioperative Care, which used to be known as the London meeting, we are going to have 10’s if not hundreds, if not 1000’s of hybrid venues around the world…”

Listen to the end to find out more about the ambitious plans for COVID conscious “hybrid meetings” in 2021. Email us if you think you can help arrange a hybrid zone breakout space: admin@ebpom.org

Recollections regarding Evidence Based Perioperative Medicine’s (EBPOM) Chicago virtual meeting begin the piece, as the TopMedTalk team look back over the final part of the year.

The Toby Richards piece mentioned is here: https://www.topmedtalk.com/topmedtalk-iron-man-vs-anemia/

The entertaining discussion between Angela Bader and Gina Blitz will be available in a forthcoming episode of TopMedTalk. It has been heard already by EBPOM Chicago attendees under the title: “Brain Health: Frailty, Delirium, POCD”. This talk will be available for free in full on TopMedTalk in the future.

For more details of the next EBPOM ‘hybrid’ meeting please visit www.ebpom.org

The music of Jeremy Sassoon – part of the EBPOM Chicago entertainment offering – is available to enjoy here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_baYCXTdY8

The Dingle lectures will also form part of TopMedTalk’s programming next year, make sure you hit the subscribe button on whichever platform you receive us on.

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