This piece is an informative conversation about “the Perioperative Care Team”; who is essential to the team and how do we make sure everyone feels included? What elements do you need to make up such a team, how do you keep people energized and excited about it over the long term? How do we ensure, in this context, that a fee for service system interlocks with the needs of both the institution and its patients? Furthermore, how does such a team increase our commitment to value based care and good quality long term outcomes?

Also, an exciting commitment is made toward a journal club, stick with TopMedTalk for more details.

Presented by Vicki Morton with panelists Dennie Levett, Professor in Perioperative Medicine and Critical Care at Southampton University Hospital NHS Foundation trust and Honorary Associate Professor at the University of Southampton, Kay Mitchell, Senior Research Manager for Critical Care Research, NIHR Biomedical Research Center, University Hospital, Southampton, UK and Gina McConnell, ERAS Coordinator for all WakeMed health systems.