The Hypotension Prediction Index is rapidly gaining a well deserved place in the hands of modern perioperative practitioners. Here we look at the history of this tool, why it is needed so badly and how it has developed.

Many of the conversations referenced in this piece are worthy of further attention. The clips used are taken from the following TopMedTalk programmes:

Live from Boston ASA 2017 – The Elephant In The Room – intraoperative hypotension:

Intraoperative Hypotension:

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ASA 2019 | Hypotension Index: Data drives change

The Roundtable | The Hypotension Prediction Index (HPI)

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Prehab Periop World Congress: Feras Hatib, Simon Davies

The Hypotension Prediction Index (HPI)

The picture features TopMedTalk in conversation with Thomas Scheeren, Chair Cardiovascular Dynamics Section at European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM).

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