Where should sleep apnea be on the perioperative surgeon’s priority list? A fascinating introduction to the topic, sleep disorders affect every area of life but in the perioperative sphere it brings significantly higher risks of complications following surgery. How important is it that such conditions are picked up during pre-operative optimisation? Furthermore, why do the evaluation at all – if no action at all is taken as a result?

A piece originally streamed live from Atlanta Georgia during TopMedTalk’s coverage of “EBPOM-USA Masters Course, A Perioperative Care Practicum”.

Featuring hosts Desiree Chappell and Vicki Morton interviewing Dr Andrew R. Spector, Neurologist, Sleep Medicine Specialist at Duke Health. This piece originally featured here in a longer form: http://www.topmedtalk.com/sleep-disorders-in-surgical-patients-ebpom-usa/

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