This episode of the Pocapalooza* is provided here for free in the hope you can help us raise money for a cause that will immediately appeal to perioperative practitioners, the African Perioperative Research Group (APORG):

This piece traces the story of perioperative medicine, through the lens of the contributors and Evidence Based Perioperative Medicine (EBPOM). Hear how pioneers in our field used evidence as their negotiating tool to reform practices and provide better, healthier outcomes for all. The question arises, where next? Education has always been at the heart of the mission, could COVID 19 and the increased use of online learning add momentum to that which would previously have been impossible to imagine?

We then move into a discussion of The Centre for Perioperative Care (CPOC) “what about today calling it ‘CPOC-APALOOZA?'”.

The intention here is to bring all aspects of perioperative care together, multidisciplinary and collaborative.

Presented by Desiree Chappell with Monty Mythen and their guests Mike Grocott a frequent TopMedTalk anchor and Professor of Anaesthesia and critical care at the University of Southampton and David Selwin, Medical Director at Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

*Why Pocapalooza? “Poc”, being the short form of ‘perioperative care’ and “apalooza” being a festival of some kind.