This piece looks at some of the advantages to having a perioperative interdisciplinary team reducing complications, understanding and discussing risk, facilitating better shared decision making and increased patient satisfaction, even among those who – as part of this process – decide not to go ahead with an operation.

It also incorporates evidence regarding what we know about COVID-19; “The risks … of the COVID-19 virus is that if people contract it during or after their surgery, they have a much worse result with perhaps 51% pulmonary complications or 24% mortality”.

The World Health Organisation report mentioned in this piece, “Smoking greatly increases risk of complications after surgery”, is here:

The Montgomery ruling is covered on a previous TopMedTalk in more detail in “Sunday Special | Being on the right side of the law” here:

The Centre for Perioperative Care website is an excellent resource, here is the section specifically for your patients:

The Royal College of Surgeons is here:

Our presenter has a website dedicated to her work here:

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Presented by Scarlett McNally, Deputy Director of The Centre for Perioperative Care (CPOC) consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Eastbourne DGH, UK.