Cancer continues to present a seirous challenge to health care practitioners, particularly with elderly patients. Operations on cancer patients can occur for a variety of reasons, how do we ensure we make decisions that are right for them? Often cancer surgery is both urgent and emergent; the question of ‘how long do we have to prepare’ is paramount. How do we get patients to a surgical option that may be curative? How do we deal wirth “deconditioned” patients who have been subjected to difficult treatments as part of their cancer care? What are immune checkpoint inhibitors? What is ‘targeted chemotherapy’? What are the pulmonary side effects of chemotherapy? Furthermore who do we deal with anemia in cancer Patients?

Finally the talk focuses upon post operative care.

The fuller version of this talk is supported by slides which you can see here:

Presented by Sunil K. Sahai, MD, FAAP, FACP, Co-Director, The PeriOperative Evaluation & Management Center Section Chief & Professor of Medicine, Section of Consultative Medicine, Department of General Internal Medicine, MD Anderson Cancer Centre.

Brought to you by the Perioperative Medicine Special Interest Group (SIG) in association with the Australian and New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine and the Internal Medicine Society of Australia and New Zealand at the 7th annual Australasian Symposium of Perioperative Medicine.

The Perioperative Medicine Special Interest Group (SIG) has three aims; improve patient safety and outcomes, share knowledge and collaborate with specialty groups, develop the specialty of perioperative medicine with various craft groups.

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