“I hope to impress upon you that this is a topic that we can and must do better at … no malnourished patient should ever have elective surgery without having a nutrition assessment done”

This piece is presented in two parts; this is part 1.

Using perioperative nutrition to optimize our patients outcomes; data shows us that nutrition therapy or nutrition optimization is literally life saving. Anyone who uses evidence as their guide know it has to be part of their practice.

Enhanced Recovery After surgery, sometimes called “fast track surgery” is about ensuring we apply the best information we have to the process. This talk focuses on how and why this ties into a sensible attitude towards nutrition and nutritional assessment.

This talk pulls no punches and yet is powerfully optimistic in its message. We implore TopMedTalk listeners to share it with colleagues.

The entertaining audio clips used in this piece are available, with video and in full here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHEincgSm1k&t=190s

Our speaker kindly shares his email address for further correspondence and questions: paul.wischmeyer@duke.edu

Presented by Paul Wischmeyer, Professor of Anaesthesiology and Surgery at Duke Anesthesiology.