It’s widely understood that high value care during, before and immediately after surgery is optimal whereas poor quality care in the perioperative period produces long term difficulties which are compounded by the acute stresses produced during and immediately after a procedure. This talk covers three main areas; surgical care for patients in Greater Manchester, “ERAS+”; prehabilitation for cancer, for the population of Greater Manchester; how Manchester has supported patients during the time of COVID19.

This piece is mentioned in the introduction and serves as a useful compliment to the talk, “Implementing a system-wide cancer prehabilitation programme: The journey of Greater Manchester’s ‘Prehab4cancer’”:

Find out more about the work in Greater Manchester here:

Also the Perioperative Quality Improvement Programme is here:

Presented by Dr. John Moore, Clinical Director for Intensive Care at Manchester Royal Infirmary and Medical Lead for Enhanced Recovery After Surgery.