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EBPOM USA | Roundtable; Big data and predictive analytics.

How do hospitals and institutions best use their assets in a world of big data where we can deploy predictive analytics and the new metrics they make available to us? Currently we tend to use the clumsy metrics of averages when there now exists the possibility to use more high fidelity predictive patterns adapted to the unique flow of users and situations. Learn how constraint based optimisation and forecasting has allowed for an exponential rise in the effectiveness of our already existing resources.

Desiree Chappell and her guests Sanjeev Agrawal, President & CMO at LeanTaaS, ex Google, Aloqa and Collegefeed and Mike Grocott, Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine, University of Southampton.

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EBPOM USA | Roundtable; Big data and predictive analytics.

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