This piece looks at the most recent guidance regarding prehabilitation for cancer, developed and published in 2009 by Macmillan Cancer Care. Extremely well received across the UK, and internationally, here we look at the details and some context in terms of UK national policy.

From an NHS England point of view the desire is to ensure that all patients and participants have personalized care embedded into everyday NHS services. Work around streamlining multidisciplinary team meetings for cancer include the opportunity to discuss the needs of people with cancer and the importance of preparing people in advance and during treatment. Furthermore you will hear elements of the principles of rehabilitation, as well as the importance of earlier and faster diagnosis, the importance of perioperative medicine and prehabilitation before surgery.

Further reading here “Principles and guidance for prehabilitation”:

Originally part of the hugely successful EBPOM Live from London 2020 conference this piece is nicely complimented by the panel discussion which TopMedTalk has also released free of charge here:

Presented by June Davis, Director of Allied Health Solutions, Allied Health Professions Advisor (part time) for Macmillan Cancer Support and a professional advisor to the Care Quality Commission.