This is an Edwards Lifesciences Sponsored Lecture which was originally streamed live on TopMedTalk from the hugely successful EBPOM USA 2019 in Dallas.

In this piece we hear about the ongoing need for institutions and healthcare professionals to recognise the damaging consequences of intraoperative hypotension.

Evidence has been mounting here on TopMedTalk over the last couple of years; there’s no doubt hypotension is an area of concern for many of our experts and contributors. Listen to more on this here via our large selection of podcasts on the topic:

For those who are already across the data the next question is, how do we detect it and prevent it, ideally before it even occurs? Here the HPI monitor comes into play, a cutting edge piece of technology which uses artificial intelligence to analyse the data and make predictions which could save your patient from a problematic outcome.

Presented by Dr Simon Davies, Consultant Anaesthetist, York Teaching Hospitals, NHS Foundation Trust.