This piece presents an invaluable wealth of first hand experience in setting up various business cases in relation to perioperative medicine in the UK. At University College London (UCL) cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) was set up as a research tool “but then clinicians came, became interested in the results of the tests and started to ask for tests to be done on their patients for clinical evaluation”.

An external contractor model, using a charitable organisation, enabled them to charge the NHS for these tests; as the service expanded they were able to expand to other clinical sites connected with UCL, published early data on outcomes and obtained grant funding to look at a robust evaluation model.

Hear how this model was refined and the idea has evolved during its growth within the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). Also, consider what other models could apply this thought process; learn how new perioperative care pathways offer interesting opportunities in these areas.

This piece is further enhanced by the discussion we released recently on the same topic:

Presented by Kay Mitchell, Senior Research Manager for Critical Care Research, NIHR Biomedical Research Center, University Hospital, Southampton, UK.