“Just having more staff doesn’t always equate to better care, especially when the staff do not have the skills required.”

Perioperative medicine has the opportunity to lead the way in advanced practice; the extended role of the practitioner within the perioperative pathway can be done with nurses, allied health professionals or physician associates. As we evolve these roles, we must be mindful and recognise not all services will be the same.

How can you tailor your service to your specific needs? How do you construct a business case which provides a better quality of value based care within your institution? Could this help by giving the practitioner role focus and allowing you to measure their effectiveness?

For more information about Guy’s and St Thomas’s practice we suggest you look at their website, an excellent information resource, here: https://www.guysandstthomas.nhs.uk/our-services/ageing-and-health/specialties/pops/overview.aspx

Presented by Jason Cross, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Department of Aging and Health, Guy’s and St Thomas’s, London.