The healthcare profession has a mixed history when it comes to messaging around alcohol. Nowadays, from a public health perspective, it is clear that overall it is not helpful for our physiology and well being.

How often do you have alcohol? How many units do you drink? How often do you have a binge? What are the age groups where drinking problems are most apparent? Where is the latest research regarding a perioperative approach to alcohol consumption? How effective is intervention for risky drinkers, should it also be considered for dependent drinkers?

How have studies and evidence been arranged around this topic and where should it lead us? Is there a need for more research?

Presented by Chris Snowden, Consultant Anaesthetist, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne and Senior lecturer at the Institute of Cellular Medicine at Newcastle University, he has recently secured grant funding from the NIAA (RCOA /BJA) to develop prehabilitative training in the elderly surgical patient.