“It was taken pretty seriously, right from the start”

After a quick update with both Monty, UK, and Desiree, US, we join one of our friends and colleagues at the University of Hong Kong; what’s the situation there?

What useful comparisons can be drawn from speculation about the differences between Hong Kong’s response in contrast to ours? How can it be that in spite of such proximity to the epicenter of the global pandemic they appear to be managing a situation we are having such problems with? As well as the possible hygiene benefits is there a symbolic power to the use of masks, by members of the public, that actually helps? What role can fear, not panic, but genuine healthy “respect”, play in preparation for things of this nature?

How sensible is the track and trace method, in comparison to the ‘herd immunity’ approach mooted in the UK?

We also revisit the concept of a “micromort” and see how it applies to a global pandemic.

Mike sent us this fascinating article here: https://medium.com/wintoncentre/how-much-normal-risk-does-covid-represent-4539118e1196

Presented by Desiree Chappell and Monty Mythen with Mike Irwin, Professor, Head and Chief of Service, Anaesthesiology HKU, Gleneagles Hopsital.

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