“It’s airway, breathing, circulation”

This piece focuses upon treating patients outside of Philidelphia at an “all COVID unit”; what can we learn from someone who stands at the cutting edge of fighting this terrible virus?

How are staffing concerns being dealt with? What about on the job training and upskilling? How do we maximise human resources during this crisis?

There is also a detailed conversation about the care of COVID patients, the changing thoughts on ventilation and continuous positive airwave pressure (CPAP); what are ‘the basics’ of caring for these patients?

There is also time for reflections about the pressures of being a healthcare provider, how do we face difficult personal challenges and yet still remain ready to be at our best?

The article mentioned in this piece, by Luciano Gattinoni, is here:


Presented by Desiree Chappell with Monty Mythen and Kathy Crawford, MSN, RN, CCRN, critical care nurse with 29 years of experience, Philidelphia.

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