“It’s heartbreaking – we have to recognise the fact, and continue to think; ‘we’ve all got it, we can all get it and we can all give it!'”

This urgent release from TopMedTalk will force the many leaders in our profession to tackle a very serious and important subject, what does the data reveal regarding COVID deaths among staff members and healthcare workers?

Stark questions need to be asked; why is there a disproportionate number of fatalities from black and minority ethnic groups (BAMEs)? The detail, contained within, is surprising.

Are we doing enough to mitigate these dangers? Why, beyond the obvious, is it so vital to look after the health of our staff? Are there lessons we can learn going forward.

We implore you to spread this story as far as you can, this debate is vital to our personal health and the wider battle against this virus.

Much of the source material for this podcast can be found here: “Exclusive: deaths of NHS staff from covid-19 analysed” Health Service Journal HSJ – https://www.hsj.co.uk/exclusive-deaths-of-nhs-staff-from-covid-19-analysed/7027471.article

Presented by Desiree Chappell and Monty Mythen.

We interview Tim Cook here: https://www.topmedtalk.com/8316-2/

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