This piece takes some time to reflect on where we’re at in the UK – and wider Western World – with regard to civil liberties, human rights and the essentials of a functioning ‘first world’ country.

How important is social justice and human rights in a world where a global pandemic puts all that we hold dear at risk?

The Liberty website is here:

For more information on the UK Government’s plan to track and trace British subjects via a mobile phone app The Guardian covers the piece here:

The UK Government website – at the time of publication – has this to offer:

If you’d like to hear Martin’s talk, about the Grenfell Inquiry, it was recorded exclusively on TopMedTalk last year, please go here:

Presented by Desiree Chappell with Nick Margerrison and Martin Howe of Howe and Co, a human rights law firm. He is a recipient of the Ross McWhirter Award for his campaigning work and twice has been a runner up for the Human Rights Practitioner of the Year Award. Furthermore, as a member of the Gurkha Justice Campaign, Martin won the prestigious Human Rights Award from Justice and Liberty in 2009.

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