“The peak keeps getting pushed…”

What’s the difference between a strategy of rationing as compared with one where the aim is concordence?

As the crisis rumbles on, how do we decide who should have surgery, as well as the pressing question of how and where? The principles of perioperative medicine kick in here, pre-optimisation and enhanced recovery are uniquely suited within the profession to assist in the worldwide battle against this pandemic.

What about the need for end of life conversations? How does the process of informed decision making apply here, how also does it apply to providers? How can we protect our essential human resources?

Finally, the conversation wraps with an important nod from the healthcare profession to the overwhelming goodwill being expressed around the world to people in medicine who are risking their lives to defeat this virus.

Presented by Desiree Chappell and Monty Mythen with their guest Professor of Anesthesia, Angela Bader, Harvard Medical School and Vice Chair of Perioperative Medicine at Mass General Brigham.

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