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The conversation from part 4 continues, the subject is, Enhanced Recovery After Surgery for obstetrics and cesarian sections (c-section). Questions include: How can ERAS co-habitate with the “baby friendly initiative”? The USA is 16th in the world with OB outcomes can ERAS help with that? As we are trying to impliment ERAS for c-section we are encountering some social issues such as screening neo-nates before they go home and arranging a car seat before they go home? What was the reaction of hospital administation leaders when they realised your plans would reduce length of stay? Do you do ERAS for ‘complicated’ patients? ERAS generally seems to reduce length of stay; what major/minor procedure specific complications can we tell our patients have also been reduced? What is the mechanism by which a carbohydrate load is supposed to work, what are the essential elements of that load? What do you think about the role of exparel vs bupivacaine?

Desiree Chappell interviews her guest Dr Elizabeth Cherot, Vice President of medical affairs at Axia Women’s Health, with contributions from Monty Mythen, TopMedTalk Editor in Chief and Smiths Medical Professor of Anaesthesia and Critical Care at University College London.

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