If you missed part one of this series it can be found in full here: https://topmedtalk.libsyn.com/anesthesiology-a-retrospective-topmedtalk-at-the-asa

TopMedTalk’s proud association with the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) continues to be celebrated in this specially made podcast where we reflect on some of the big conversations we’ve enjoyed at their annual conference, Anesthesiology.

For more on Anesthesiology 2022, please go to www.asahq.org

These clips come from some of the most popular podcasts we’ve done about the conference. For the fuller conversations and podcasts please go here:

Post operative nausea and vomiting | TopMedTalk at the ASA


The ASA’s Immediate Past President | TopMedTalk at the ASA


ASA 2019 | Perioperative Quality Initiative P.O.Q.I. news


ASA 2019 | Depth of anaesthesia:


Ashish Khanna on intraoperative hypotension and beyond | TopMedTalk at the ASA:


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