“Keeping the care in healthcare”, is the agenda for this powerful and wide ranging conversation with one of our most popular contributors. How do we keep the priority of what we do at the forefront of our minds? Does the information we’ve learned recently on TopMedTalk about “burn out” impact on our understanding of poor levels of care in healthcare? Is it possible to rate providers on how much care they display?

Also; “what is a microbiome”? The second half of this conversation is a deep dive into “the bugs that make us whole”. How can this remarkable area of research help to improve our overall well being and health? How does it impact upon our understanding of cesarean delivery (c section)?

Live from Anaesthesia 2019, on day two of the conference; a ‘must-attend event’ for the specialty where world-renowned experts present the latest advances in perioperative medicine, critical care and pain medicine.

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Presented by Monty Mythen with Paul Wischmeyer, Professor of the Department of Anesthesiology, Duke University.