What we do

TopMedTalk is the latest dissemination innovation of medical news. Bringing you live updates from conferences around the globe; discussions around recent literature in our Journal Club; Techno-Talk, our commercial showcase, an excellent way of exploring new products in medical technology; and regular podcasts where we speak to some of the top professionals in their field

Our Focus

Currently our focus surrounds topics within anaesthesia, perioperative medicine and enhanced recovery

Our Aim

We aim to broaden our reach to cover all aspects of cutting edge medicine and to improve our audience interaction and learning opportunities. TopMedTalk will develop into a platform that is an easy accessible source for medical information.

We offer an exciting and unique way of distributing medical knowledge and continuing medical education (CME) on the go

Live broadcast your event

Record and publish as podcasts

Full edit and customised content

Linked to articles

Phone in discussions

Audience comment

Follow up academic discussion with Q&A

Fully Equipped Studio

Professional pictures and video


Professor Monty Mythen
Director and Co-Founder
Monty is the Smiths Medical Professor of Anaesthesia and Critical Care at University College London and Adjunct Professor, Department of Anaesthesiology, Duke University, USA. Monty is also the founding Director of Evidence Based Perioperative Medicine International.
Martin Howe
Director and Co-Founder
Martin is the senior partner for Howe & Co Solicitors. He is involved with many medico-legal cases and has been involved with a number of cases of national importance.
Henry Howe
Henry is a 4th year Medical student at the University of Bristol. He is currently undertaking a Masters of Research in Health Sciences with the IMEG group at Southmead Hospital. Henry and his colleagues bring a youthful and accessible perspective to TopMedTalk


Desiree Chappell
MOM, CRNA and Host of The Roundtable Blog
Board of Directors, American Society of Enhanced Recovery (ASER). A passionate ambassador of Enhanced Recovery and Perioperative Care. Desiree is the creator of the popular Roundtable perioperative care blog: http://periopcareblog.com/
Professor Mike Grocott
Professor of Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine, Head, Integrative Physiology and Critical Illness Group, Southampton University Uk and Adjunct Professor, Department of Anaesthesiology, Duke
Dr Joff Lacey
Joff (Jonathan) Lacey is a registrar in anaesthesia at St George's Hospital in London, and is currently undertaking a fellowship in Perioperative medicine at UCLH
Sol Aronson
Solomon Aronson is a tenured Professor at Duke University and Executive Vice Chairman in the Department of Anaesthesiology.

Production and support

Nicholas Margerrison
Nick is a radio and TV broadcaster with over twenty years experience in producing and presenting. He's worked for The BBC, LBC in London, Kerrang Radio and That's TV UK.
Tom Allen
Social Media Consultant
Since graduating from the University of Newcastle, Tom has been working as a consultant in marketing.

Based in Brentford London, and only being a 20 minute journey from London Heathrow Airport, we are easily accessible and have the ability to bring guests from across the globe to our state of the art studio.

Our studio is fully equipped with the latest technology to ensure the highest quality audio and our on-site producer to create the best possible podcasts.

The studio supports live phone in-discussions and can cater for all needs in the world of online radio


We travel around the globe to multiple conferences providing live streaming from the conference room, with the addition of exclusive peer to peer discussion with speakers.

In need of coverage for your next conference? get in touch: contact@topmedtalk.com

Journal Club

Catch up with recent literature, summarised by professionals in their own field of research! Short teaser podcasts are followed by a full length review in Journal Club.

Is there a paper you would like reviewed by our team and made into a podcast format? get in touch: contact@topmedtalk.com

Techno Talk

Our commercial showcase; in techno talk we introduce new medical products and review them to give a better understanding of the latest advances in medicine.

Do you require advertisement and professional critiquing of your medical product? get in touch: contact@topmedtalk.com

Hot Topic

In Hot Topic we release weekly podcasts on medical subjects. An easy and fast way to learn and improve your medical knowledge

Would you like a series of topics to be covered? get in touch: contact@topmedtalk.com

The Round Table blog

Join Desiree Chappell for her podcast series of The RoundTable blog, surrounding issues within Perioperative medicine and Enhanced Recovery

visit the blog at: http://periopcareblog.com/

Weekly News

Keep up to date with the latest news surrounding the medical field. Nick Margerrison, our producer, hosts this excellent weekly digest of medical news.

Is there any medical news that you would like to discuss with us? get in touch: contact@topmedtalk.com


The latest dissemination innovation of medical news

An excellent way of Continuing Medical Education (CME) on the go

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