Live from Boston ASA 2017 – Life at The Extremes – trials on Everest & adapting to hypoxia

Podcast 13: Monty Mythen, Mike Grocott and Joff Lacey are joined by special guest Dr Dan Martin OBE (Consultant in Intensive Care and Everest summiteer) to discuss the Xtreme Everest research studies into human adaptation to hypoxia. Meet Prof Grocott and team members at EBPOM USA 2018: Watch the latest documentary:

Perioperative Frailty? Dr Fay Gilder live from the ASA in Boston (1min 24 sec) In this short clip from a longer interview at ASA 2017 in Boston USA  Dr Fay Gilder explains to Monty Mythen what providers could do now with regards to managing frail patients having surgery. For full interview click here: Join us at EBPOM Regional 2018, Exeter, 23 February 2018

We may need to postpone more surgery in USA. Dr Sol Aronson (1 min 06 secs)

Dr Sol Aronson, Professor of Anesthesia Duke University Medical Centre, USA on modifiable risk factors. Recorded live at the Evidence Based Perioperative Medicine (EBPOM) London Congress 2017. Meet Dr Aronson at the EBPOM USA Perioperative Care Masters Course in Atlanta April 13th to 15th 2018. Dr Aronson and a world renowned faculty will share “a how to…