“It’s all about safety and recovery, it’s not about speed”; this conversation focuses on enhanced recovery, are we getting it right and where are people getting it wrong? How reliable and well understood is the data behind it? Also, what are the current thoughts on perioperative steroids? How do we refocus and move back to enhanced recovery after surgery rather than “enhanced discharge” after surgery.

Presented by Monty Mythen and Desiree Chappell with Sol Aronson, tenured Professor at Duke University, and their guests Henrik Kehlet, a gastrointestinal surgeon and former professor of surgery, Copenhagen University, and now professor of perioperative therapy and Head of Section of Surgical Pathophysiology, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen University and Nick Scott, an early proponent of Enhanced Recovery in the UK who has spent the last six years as the Vice Chairman of Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine at Hamad Medical Corporation in Qatar.