How can you make a difference in the preoperative assessment clinic? How do we remain working as a team while respecting everyone’s skillset in a multidisciplinary environment?

The value of a good comprehensive preoperative evaluation is clear; how do we ensure that, when this can happen, it does?

How do we best use the ‘teachable moment’ that prehabilitation for surgery is? Looking at the data is it fair to “try to tell patients, you don’t have to stop smoking for good but can’t you stop for the next two weeks?”

The Duke Activity Status Index (DASI) can be found here:

“Can perioperative risk in the frail be managed?”, gets referenced frequently in this podcast, if you’re curious to have a listen go here;

Presented by Bobbie Jean Switzer, Professor of Anesthesiology and Director of Perioperative Medicine at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois.

Brought to you by the Perioperative Medicine Special Interest Group (SIG) in association with the Australian and New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine and the Internal Medicine Society of Australia and New Zealand at the 7th annual Australasian Symposium of Perioperative Medicine.

The Perioperative Medicine Special Interest Group (SIG) has three aims; improve patient safety and outcomes, share knowledge and collaborate with specialty groups, develop the specialty of perioperative medicine with various craft groups.

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