Monty Mythen talks to Dr Julie Thacker on day one of the ASER / EBPOM USA 2017 meeting in Washington DC ( about getting back to normal after major colorectal surgery.

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Dr. Julie Thacker is an Associate Professor of Surgery at Duke University and a colorectal surgeon with a clinical focus in advanced laparoscopic techniques for the surgical management of inflammatory bowel disease and colorectal cancer. She participates as full time teaching faculty of medical students, general surgery residents, and surgical fellows. As the Duke Hospital and Health System Medical Director for Evidence Based Perioperative Care, she leads the interdisciplinary Duke Enhanced Recovery Program.
Dr. Thacker assumed the Presidency of the American Society of Enhanced Recovery, 2017, and is recognized at the national and international level as a perioperative care implementation expert. Her work at Duke is a model for hospitals and health care systems of all sizes, as well as, a comparative model used in discussions with the United Kingdom and Scandinavia. She publishes practice guidelines, change management guidelines, and quality and value improvement reviews and recommendations.