This piece provides an update on the Perioperative Exercise, Testing and Training Society (POETTS); “established back in 2017, in the context, in the United Kingdom, of cardiopulmonary exercise testing becoming much more common in the preoperative period”. Now, more than half of acute hospital trusts in the United Kingdom have a cardiopulmonary exercise testing service to evaluate their patient’s functional capacity prior to surgery. Furthermore exercise interventions to optimise a patient’s fitness before surgery have seen a sudden and growing interest.

With just over 400 members POETTS exists to help standardize education and training in the field, develop consensus clinical guidelines, look after patients around the time of surgery and help club together acute hospital trusts across the UK, so that they can do collaborative research.

Their website is here:

Presented by Denny Levett, Professor of Perioperative Medicine at the University of Southampton and President of the Perioperative Exercise, Testing and Training Society (POETTS).